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What are the main factors affecting the strength and performance of the shot blasting machine?

Industry news
2019/11/25 17:18

There are many factors affecting the strength of the shot blasting machine. Today, Donghai Lin Xiaobian has compiled five main factors that affect the strength of the shot blasting machine.


The main factors affecting the strength of the shot blasting machine are:





1 shot blast size


The larger the shot blast, the larger the impact kinetic energy and the greater the shot blasting strength, but the coverage of the shot blasting is reduced. Therefore, while ensuring shot blasting strength, try to use smaller shot blasting. In addition, the shot size is also limited by the shape of the part. When there is a groove on the part, the diameter of the shot shall be less than half the radius of the inner circle of the groove. Shot granule size is often selected between 6 and 50 mesh.





2 shot blast hardness


When the shot blast hardness is higher than the hardness of the part, the change of its hardness value does not affect the shot blasting strength;


When the shot blasting is softer than the part, if the shot peening hardness value is lowered, the shot blasting strength is also lowered.





3 shot blasting speed


When the shot blasting speed is increased, the shot blasting strength is also increased, but when the speed is too high, the shot blasting damage is increased.





4 spray angle


When the shot blasting jet is perpendicular to the surface to be sprayed, the shot blasting strength is high, so generally, the shot blasting treatment should be maintained in this state. If it is limited by the shape of the part, it is necessary to increase the size and speed of shot peening when shooting at a small angle.





5 shot crushing amount


The kinetic energy of the shot blasting fragment is low, the more shot blasting is broken, the shot peening strength is reduced, and the irregular broken pellets will scratch the surface of the part, so the broken granules should be removed frequently to ensure that the shot peening integrity rate is greater than 85%. The shot blasting equipment is basically the same, and only a few auxiliary devices are needed to control the shot blasting process more strictly.